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Voltage Vapor Shop began as a collaboration to provide the community with good products, but also to inform them of a less expensive option to oppose smoking cigarettes. We want our products to not only be an alternative to smoking, but also help establish a path to quitting cigarettes altogether. 

Why Choose Us?

Here at Voltage Vapor, we prioritize our customers- and we make sure they know it. When you come into our store, you’ll know that we’re going to give you the highest quality of service… and not try to upsell products to you for no reason. You’ll leave our store feeling confident in your products and excited for a chance to come back.

Voltage Vapor

Providing Quality Vape Products to the East Texas Area

For nearly a decade, Voltage Vapor has been focused on providing the East Texas area with alternatives to smoking. That goal that first inspired the business now continues to push it to improve and expand.

Founders Chase Calloway and Sloane Tetrick had witnessed the adverse effects of cigarette smoking in their friends and relatives for years. They wanted to give their community an alternative that would help cut cigarettes out of their routines, but also be cost effective and entertaining. In 2013, Voltage Vapor was born. Having gone through the journey of quitting smoking- through using vapes to help streamline the process- himself, Sloane has a firsthand idea of how important the store can be to the community.

A Community and Family Oriented Business

After opening the first Voltage Vapor store in Palestine back almost ten years ago to fill a need we saw in the community, we have always made sure to keep the focus there and to always prioritize the well-being of both that community, as well as our families. The goal has always been to push awareness for alternative smoking choices that will save lives from the effects cigarettes have on the body. Every customer that comes in to buy products as a tool to help them quit cigarettes makes the entire business worth it! We’re incredibly passionate about helping people make the switch from smoking to vaping, and that passion has helped fuel the drive needed to keep our business going all these years.

Over the years we’ve added many new products. We now carry CBD products to further the ways we can help our customers. This opened up a new world of options for our business, and we’re proud to offer products that have the ability to help our clients in all sorts of ways.

Our Client Satisfaction Is Our Top Priority

When you come into any Voltage Vapor Shop location, we want you to feel comfortable asking any questions you need to in order to get the products you are looking for. Whether you need a solution for a work site or a personal event– our team provides high-quality products and services to exceed all of your disposal needs. 

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For a quick idea of what products we offer, just take a look! No matter which of our locations you visit, our team will be ready to help you find whatever it is you’re looking for.

RnD Hemp Co. products

Only sold here at Voltage Vapor! From sweet candies and gummies to salves and oils, RnD Hemp Co. has something for all your CBD needs.

Rechargable Vapes

For long-term investments, we carry a variety of rechargeable vape pens. We also supply batteries and chargers to keep them going.

Disposable Vapes

If you aren’t looking for something to last you longer than a few weeks, we’ve got you covered!

Much more! Come visit us to see our full range of products!

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