• #Thirteen- A simple smooth blend of rustic tobacco

  • Black Beards Delight- Warm earthy tobacco

  • Tobacco Vanilla- Rich tobacco with a hint of creamy vanilla

  • Cash-Smooth woodsy tobacco

  • Unflavored- Plain & Simple



Available Sizes: 30ml 60ml 100ml 


  • Frost- Strong Mint Menthol

  • Crush- Tobacco Menthol

  • Watermelon Ice- Sweet Watermelon Koolda

  • Berry Nice- Strawberry Menthol



  • Straplicious- Wonderful blend of Strawberry & Apple with other background fruits

  • Kiwiberry-Strawberry & Kiwi

  • Jessica Rabbit- Watermelon cotton candy

  • Regina- Cantaloupe & honeydew melon

  • Just Grape- Bright grape

  • Just Peach- Juicy Peach

  • Just Strawberry- Fresh Strawberry

  • Tigers Blood- Coconut, Watermelon, Strawberry & Cherry

  • Panther-Blend of tropical fruits

  • Twisted Melon- Watermelon Lemonade

  • Fruitplosion- Pineapple, Grape & Kiwi

  • Blue Water- Watermelon Blueberry

  • Mysterious- Citrus blended candy

  • Razz Blaster- Blue raspberry cotton candy

  • Boom- Blue raspberry, cherry & lime popsicle

  • Peach Bliss- Peachy, fruity concoction similar to peach gummy rings

  • Fruit Jelly- Blended fruit chew candy with a liquid center

  • Rampage- Butterscotch caramel with a twist

  • Double Rainbow- Skittles

  • Monkey Juice- Banana laffy taffy

  • Meltdown- Fireball red hots

  • Candy Cane- Sweet peppermint 

  • Cin-A-Mint- Cinnamon menthol

  • Twinmint- Spearmint gum

  • Jolly Melon- Watermelon hard candy

  • Rolled Up- Strawberry fruit roll up


  • Love Potion #9- Raspberry & pink champagne

  • Coca Mocha- Sweet mocha blended with bright coffee

  • Pink Lemonade- Refreshing lemonade

  • Voodoo- Coconut kahlua

  • NRG- Green energy drink

  • Fuzion- Strawberry cherry energy drink

  • The Chai- Chai tea latte


  • Fruit Looped- Fruit loop cereal

  • CTC Drip- Cinnamon toast cereal

  • Strawberry Blonde- vanilla & strawberry swirl

  • Heavenly- Rich vanilla custard & sweet Strawberry

  • Coconut Cream- Creamy coconut

  • SinABun- Buttery cinnamon rolls

  • Blueberry Yum- Blueberry muffin

  • On The Money- Samoa cookies, 

  • Vanilla Cream- Sweet cream

  • Pineapple Yogurt- Swirl of pineapple with creamy yogurt

  • Strawnana Yogurt- Strawberry & banana blended with creamy yogurt

  • Happy Birthday- Cake with sweet icing

  • Nana pudding- Creamy banana pudding

  • Suicide Cereal- Fruity pebble cereal

  • Strawberry Funnel- Funnel cake with strawberries & whipped cream